We can work with you from initial ideas through to the finished films and getting them in front of all the right people. We know about building brands on YouTube, our own channels have amassed around 2.4 million views.


If you are already creating videos with us to engage with audiences, build trust and attract advocates for your brand, you already know about its impact.

We know how to get the best out of your videos online. We can design and set up your YouTube channel, populate it with relevant and engaging content and optimise for search and the best viewing experience.

As YouTube Partners and we can help you build an online video campaign targeting relevant audiences.

51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI (Hubspot)

59% of senior executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic on the same page, they prefer to watch video (Digital Information World)

Companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users (Small Business Trends)

Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80% (Unbounce)

If you already have a presence on YouTube here are a few key points to help guide your channel development and if you don't the first few pointers should help you get up and running.


This is the chance to let visitors know what your channel is all about and include specific calls to action to subscribe and view further videos and playlists.

A trailer that will only appear to viewers who are not already subscribed to your channel. You can also programme the video that will appear to viewers that have previously visited your channel.


Channel art can express the personality of your channel and your brand wherever it is seen, whether on a mobile phone, a tablet, a TV. 

  • Create a banner image for the channel page.
  • Use copy for video descriptions and channel description to reflect your brand’s personality and make the audience feel like they are connecting with a real person when they come to your channel.
  • Connect your social media accounts and website via icons on the channel banner - Connecting social media and Google+ accounts can provide more information and additional metadata about your YouTube channel for search & discovery on the site.


Create playlists on your channel using new or existing content.

Playlists can be used as an organisational tool and allow a linear viewing experience for the audience. They can increase watch-time and the number of videos a viewer watches on your channel.

Playlists can be featured on your channel, linked-to via annotations, and appear in search results and suggested videos.


Thumbnails are a ‘poster advertisement’ for your videos.

Thumbnails should encourage viewers to click on your videos above others if found within a search.  They should ideally feature branding consistent with your channel branding and the video series they are part of.


Create clips or shorter edits to help maximise content for your channel. Annotations from shorter content can also be added to link to the longer video.


Watching content online is an interactive and social experience but many viewers won’t act unless they are prompted.

Viewers can be directed during the video to take actions that can help build audience. This can be accomplished through production (mentions by the presenter) and/or annotations (using in-video clickable graphics and end cards). Leading viewers to watch more of your content is essential to help videos show up in more places across YouTube


Creating serial content that extend across multiple videos can help keep viewers on your channel if organised and annotated correctly.

By providing context about the series at the beginning of each video new viewers can quickly grasp that they’re viewing one video that’s part of a larger series.

We can design and produce the end of your multi-part videos to help viewers watch the next sequential video.

To optimise your channel for serial viewing experience you should consider:

  • Directing viewers to enter the playlist mode to view a series of related videos.
  • Highlighting the series playlist with in-video graphics or end frames with annotations.
  • Use annotations to help viewers navigate to previous and next episodes in a series – for example the Hints and Tips films.
  • Writing a conversational style video description to provide information about the video series.


Some video content should take account of cultural events and viewing trends which orbit around events such as big film releases, sports, holidays and niche events. Increased searches around these events can help drive traffic to your channel and website.

We can take account of this when planning video production schedules for content delivery


YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine; optimise your video titles, tags and description to take advantage of this fact.

  • Write optimised, tags, and descriptions
  • Metadata helps YouTube index your content and is critical to building views from search and suggested videos.
  • A well-designed, organised, and search-optimised channel page will attract more viewers, make your channel a richer destination for subscribers, and create a professional look.
  • Design custom branding, optimise channel metadata, utilise channel organisation, and broadcast the right interactions to subscribers through the feed.


Captions and subtitles act as additional metadata to help your video show up more places on YouTube. Captioning videos also enables them to be used at times when accessibility is required by law.


Engage with and build a genuine community around your channel and brand.

Build a genuine community around your channel – it is social and interactive.

The Channel feed rewards channels that are equal parts content creators, curators, and overall programmers for their audience. Program your feed with other actions in addition to your uploads.

By simply using YouTube – commenting, ‘liking,’ ‘playlisting,’ and ‘favoriting’ videos from other channels – your channel can become a destination as a tastemaker for other great content.