Video Production

Veracity Digital Video Production Chester Projects

As a video production company, we are just that little bit different.

All our experience would mean absolutely nothing if it didn’t produce films that create lasting impressions, change minds and make a real difference. Fortunately ours do, in ways that surprise, delight and involve audiences. They also demand attention.

  • When we made an animated TV commercial for lawncare company Green Thumb it got national press coverage, raised sales by 30% and reinvented the brand.
  • Our corporate DVD for Graham & Brown has won them business with top retailers on its own.
  • Our film and interactive work for Balfour Beatty contributed to them winning at least 6 projects worth between £100 million and £600 million.
  • The film we donated to local environmental urban community Sustainable Blacon was instrumental in them winning a £500,000 central government award.
  • …and then there’s Sea Wall, the short film we made with writer Simon Stephens and actor Andrew Scott (Moriarty in BBC1’s Sherlock) that’s received great reviews in the Guardian and Independent, been downloaded in over 40 countries and loved by people everywhere.