A Fully Socially Distanced Production

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Our Belgium-based client Sibelco’s strapline is “Material Solutions Advancing Life”. Their products are everywhere – from being the basis of glass bottles in the circular economy to solar panels and lightweight, high strength wind turbines. Construction, Electronics, Chemicals, Water Treatment and Agriculture are all industries and activities where Sibelco has a powerful and positive impact all over the world.

Towards More Responsible Production

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Peel Land & Property – Sustainability Film  If you think about it, traditionally the production industry’s carbon footprint is potentially huge. We tend to travel distances for work using air and road. We drag lots of heavy gear around with us that relies on electricity. We work in artificial light in studios and air-conditioned edit …

Phase Worldwide – Walk for Nepal 2018, Ben Nevis

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This is our third film for Phase Worldwide and their patron Alex Staniforth, to help raise funds, commemorate the 2015 earthquake and promote the charity’s work in remote Nepalese communities. An intrepid and very fit two-person crew armed with our lightweight, 4K Sony FS5 kit and a drone all made it up a snowy Ben Nevis on a sunny Spring day.

Along the way they met and talked to some of the remarkable people who are dedicated to empowering communities and giving them the tools to encourage better healthcare, education and employment in one of the world’s most rugged and inaccessible places. The walk, to the top of Britain’s highest peak, tested the abilities of everyone, from novice walkers to seasoned mountain guides.

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Capturing Art & the Artist

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We love the chance to work with new and interesting people. And one of the most interesting subjects we’ve worked with is the artist Liz West. Liz mixes luminous colour and radiant light to create vivid environments and she does it on a big scale.So when we learned that our friends at Chester Visual Arts …

How Great Video Sells Great Design

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We’ve been lucky to work with some top designers, helping them to project what’s special about what they do on film.

Video and design of all kinds go well together. Designers are perfectionists. Every detail matters. Whether it’s the way the cloth of a dress flows in front of the camera for a fashion designer, the mirror finish of a tap handle for a product designer or how the petals of a rose in a wallpaper pattern echo their counterparts in nature, video makes the essential details come to life.

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Shooting People

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Our new client Mainstay specialises in employing heroes. They are the kind of heroes whose mission is to make life more comfortable for people in their homes.

They look after properties where people live, but not only that, they actually help to create communities that encourage the people who live in them to have a real sense of belonging. It’s about looking after all the little details and doing it with a smile.

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Pop Art Stars – Chester Pop Art Exhibition Film

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So our director Andy was walking up to town when his attention was attracted by a large poster outside the old Chester library building advertising “Pop Art in Print”. Naturally he took a detour. One hour later, his senses still reeling from 70 iconic pieces of work from the V&A collection, and he had offered …

Veracity Digital - Vieo Production

All Round Excellence Rewarded

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Icefall Film DOCUMENTARY The year began with our documentary film, “Alex Staniforth – Icefall, Spirit of the Mountain” receiving its premier at the prestigious international Llanberis Adventure and Mountain Film Festival. We’ve worked on the project for 2 years, fitting it in and around other work to produce a 30 minute film that tells the ...
Peel-Ports - Liverpool 2 construction time-lapse filming liverpool

How to film a construction project

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By its nature construction demands a very particular approach to film making. Capturing a project successfully over 6 months, a year or even 3 or 4 years is in our experience a highly collaborative exercise.

We have worked on a number of major construction film projects over the last 4 years and our history with the industry goes back a decade or so. In that time we’ve learned what it takes to make construction films that are engaging, inspiring and creative, so here are our top 5 hints and tips for commissioners….

Award Winners!

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Earlier this year we entered our newly completed documentary film “ICEFALL – Spirit of the Mountain” in the established and prestigious Llanberis Adventure and Mountain Film Festival and were excited when it was selected by the jury for showing. It chronicles a momentous 18 months in the life of young adversity adventurer Alex Staniforth whose two Everest expeditions have coincided with unprecedented tragedy on the mountain.

Opening Shots

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“Into the Light”, our conference opener for contract interior solutions client Gradus puts a whole new meaning on the idea of punchy corporate communications. Our creative concept used the analogy of a professional boxer to symbolise the way people across the business have, through the power of the collective, managed to navigate a tough series ...

Out in the Elements

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Global industrial minerals client Imerys wanted three films to showcase its flagship brands at the world’s leading plastics trade fair, held every 3 years. The stand had a strong environmental theme and our solution focused on the elements, to show how Imerys’ products help to make plastics lighter, tougher and more environmentally friendly. ImerPlast Traditionally ...

Storyboard Artist – Telling Stories in Pictures

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“Unsung” really doesn’t say it. The storyboard artist is so invisible he or she is practically a ghost, flitting into the production company or agency’s offices, usually at short notice and coaxing ideas that might be brilliantly well defined or somewhat less than coherent to logical, full colour engrossing life……

Super Slow Motion Video Manchester and Chester - Phantom Flex camera

Slow Motion – Behind the Scenes

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Our finished glass recycling web film for Sibelco deceptively simply follows the original storyboard concept, but for it to look as good as it does took a lot of hard work and patience.
High speed filming is all about capturing moments that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye – through doing this it’s possible to unearth beauty in mundane objects – like those bottles we chuck out for recycling once a week….

Motion Control Video Production - Manchester and Chester

Motion Control – What is Motion Control Filming?

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We’ve been working with motion control camera systems for over twenty years and our motion control crew are especially brilliant at creating shots to showcase products that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. Clients love the fact that they are seeing their own real products beautifully presented on film, without depending on CGI…..

Alex Staniforth – Snowdon Walk For Nepal

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At 11.56am on April 25th, 2015 the Nepal earthquake struck, killing 9,000 people and injuring a further 23,000. One mllion homes were destroyed. The earthquake triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest, which took the lives of 22 climbers and support staff…..

Music Production – All You Need is Love (and a Great Team)

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Collaborating with imaginative, occasionally brilliant people who see and hear stuff you simply don’t is one of the wonderful things about working in the production business. We recently said goodbye to David Bowie, a peerless example of the ability to imagine the world differently and express that through music. Bowie’s influence was everywhere – possibly more than any other single artist of the last 50 years. And he loved to collaborate – in the recording studio, on film, on stage – he sought to stretch his creative impulse by working alongside people whose different horizons could expand his own…..

How to Get More YouTube Views and Subscribers

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We recently achieved a milestone - over half a million views on the Veracity YouTube channel. Not bad.  Almost half of these views are down to one simple little “How to” film – “How to Buy a Used Car”, featuring former BBC Top Gear presenter Steve Berry. The film was professionally shot, with a crew ...

Drone Filming – Time to Get Higher

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We’ve discovered the possibilities of UAV (drone) filming on projects for our clients Peel Ports Liverpool and Chester Re:NEW. Up in the air, as with everything we do, we are aiming to produce footage that engages, informs and has high viewer impact. Here are 10 things we’ve learned from our aerial experiences: Watch some of ...

Peel Ports Liverpool2 – A New Day Dawning

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  Every now and again you are involved in a video project that you know is going to have a major impact. Since 2013 we have been working with Peel Ports Liverpool to document the creation of the new container terminal, Liverpool 2. Time-lapse cameras have been on site since the £300 million project’s inception …


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      I’ve been lucky to meet thousands of interesting, talented and informative people in my career – and even luckier to have interviewed lots of them for different films. Whether you are talking to film stars, captains of industry, TV celebrities or people just like you or I, here are a few pointers …


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Sealed Air is one of the world’s leading packaging companies. They invented bubble-wrap in the 1960s and have been protecting precious goods in transit around the world ever since. Their packaging systems now include all kinds of methods and designs to meet the needs of an ever-increasing customer base. They wanted a film to demonstrate …