Towards More Responsible Production

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If you think about it, traditionally the production industry’s carbon footprint is potentially huge. We tend to travel distances for work using air and road. We drag lots of heavy gear around with us that relies on electricity. We work in artificial light in studios and air-conditioned edit suites and print copious drafts of scripts, storyboards, call sheets and RAMS documents. But we can change all this.

There are lots of things we can do to lessen our impact on the environment and engage more positively with the communities we work in and with.

We’re about to move back into our central Chester offices after 9 months of renovation and refurbishment work. We’re proud of the exciting new space we’ve created and over the next month or so it will become a digital hub, a co-working space for likeminded people.

With low energy lighting sensors and efficient new boilers it’s much more energy efficient than it was before , we’re determined to collaborate to make it a model sustainable environment.

So, our Production Manager Sarah is taking on the role of  Sustainability Coordinator and the journey really starts here.

Download a copy of our Green Memo

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