Our time-lapse films cover everything from single day shoots using short interval camera settings to construction projects filmed with multiple cameras over several years.



Our time-lapse film crews are used to working in unusual environments, from the top of mountains to crane gantries on building sites. The attention to detail is meticulous – it has to be when clients trust you to capture the construction of their landmark building or infrastructure project over anything up to 5 years.

For long term time-lapse filming tens of thousands of high quality images are captured, processed and treated in post-production adding grading and animated moves to create magical sequences, where days and nights pass in seconds.

"Filming a live marine construction project is not without its challenges in terms of the weather and tidal influences coupled to the inherently dangerous construction environment…..the quality and content of the finished product has been first class and provided an excellent tool for training and communicating with our stakeholders".

Doug Coleman
Project Director, Liverpool 2

”Veracity have produced an excellent range of time-lapse videos for Peel Ports Group, including on-going filming of the £300 Million Liverpool2 project. Having worked with them; I can say that their attention to detail and ability to tell a story through film is what sets them apart from the competition”.

Greg Deak
Marketing Executive,
Peel Ports Group Ltd, Liverpool

Some of our time-lapse films….



If you’re planning to harness the power of video for your company, service or product we would love to talk. Of course we’re happy to travel – our work takes us all over the UK but we also have clients in mainland Europe and the USA.

They choose us because we know exactly what it takes to bring brands to life on film. And we’ve been doing it for more than 20 years.

You’re also very welcome to come to us. Our production base is in the heart of beautiful Chester – both Manchester and Liverpool are neighbours and London is just 2 hours by train. We’re passionate about where we are, as well as what we do, and we like to share that passion.