Soho Strippers

The House of Wallpaper

Maybe not what you are thinking … Our longest standing client Graham and Brown asked us to help them make a PR splash this year in the heart of Soho for International Wallpaper Week....

They took over 19 Greek Street, stripped it down and transformed it into The House of Wallpaper – 4 floors of innovation, design and interior fashion. Our job was to show off the House for social media and capture the buzz on the opening Press Day.

Filming soho london

We know each other well; so when we heard that the project involved a fully wallpapered Morris Minor convertible called Doris, interactive walls, a mind bending trompe l’oueil cube, a 3D virtual factory tour and wallpaper inspired food we knew they weren’t joking. A two-person crew was despatched to film in the house both the day before it opened and on Press Day.

The result was two edits – a 60-second social media piece produced within 48 hours of filming that showed a Steadicam tour of the House and a longer edit with interviews for internal use and presentations.

The films capture the eclectic, fun sense of the installations and a client whose always innovative work we have enjoyed making films about since the last century. Sorry, didn’t mean to tease…