Richard Tunes Into the Web

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Richard Bodgers has written music for us for over 12 years. In that time he has written and produced everything from 10″ TV stings to orchestral pieces for major corporates. We share a love of what we do and a healthy streak of perfectionism. So when Richard said he loved our website and wanted something similar himself to showcase his bewilderingly varied portfolio, we were only too happy to oblige.

Just 5 weeks or so later, it’s up and running – a slick, professional new site, all created in-house by our very own Sarah, with a little help from designer Robin and copywriter Andy.

Richard’s enthusiasm is infectious and I must admit I really like the conversational style of the site and the way it offers a unique insight into the composer’s craft and psyche, rather than being just the usual assembly of clips. Richard rather likes it too, and when he gets commissioned for that Hollywood Blockbuster at least he’ll still have the website to remember his mates at Veracity by…