FEVE – A Line in the Sand

Andy Porter Animation, Motion Control, Web Films

  ”Our challenge was to bring people through an exciting journey from the past, to the present and future of the glass packaging industry. Original, catchy but informative, the “Line in the Sand” short film is able to mirror those emotions that only the glass alchemy can stir. Veracity won the challenge as a natural …

Senator Online Video - online video production

Senator – A Different Desk All Round

Andy Porter Motion Control, Web Films

    New client, office furniture-maker Senator, has an exciting new take on the desk. For the launch of their Orb range they wanted a film that explained why making it round encourages better, more collaborative working. Our storyboard concept took the shape of the desk and made it literally the centrepiece of the film. …

Mira Taps – Aspects Collection

Andy Porter Motion Control, Web Films

  Mira Showers are rightly proud of the design details in their Aspects Collection of taps. Filming what are effectively curved multi-faceted mirrors without revealing the crew/lights/gear demands patience, ingenuity and high end motion control camera work – a single, beautiful shot can take up to 8 hours of painstaking work, but that’s why everything …

Mira-Magni-flo-Technology-online Video Production Chester and Manchester

Mira – Magni-flo Technology

Andy Porter Motion Control, Web Films

We follow the epic journey of a water droplet through a Mira mixer shower hose, using a combination of live action, motion graphics and 3D animation to convey the way Mira maximise the power of their showers.