Storyhouse Stage Transformation

Andy Porter Construction, Time Lapse

  Storyhouse, Chester’s amazing new theatre, is unique, converting between proscenium for big touring shows and thrust stage for a more intimate theatrical experience. Here’s how they made it happen over 3 weeks or so…

Balfour Beatty Capital – Recruitment Web Video

Andy Porter Construction

  Balfour Beatty is one of the biggest, most respected names in global construction. We’ve worked with them on a whole range of internal and external communications both online and on film. To attract the best people to the business we made a series of film profiles for their recruitment web site to capture the …

Balfour Beatty Capital – Eastern Promise

Andy Porter Construction

  We flew to Singapore with BBCap to make this short recruitment film profiling one of their key members of staff and to reinforce the business’s global credentials. A 3-day shoot with a local crew was accomplished both efficiently and with creative flair. Our corporate video work has taken us all around the globe – …

Peel Ports Liverpool – In the Hall of the Mountain Steel

Andy Porter Construction, Time Lapse

  Two short interval time-lapse crews spent a long day exploring what goes on at the Peel Ports Liverpool super automated Steel and Metals terminal. Add some editing finesse and a superb arrangement of In the Hall of the Mountain King by our own composer (with acknowledgements to Grieg) and the joyously unexpected results will …

Kier Liverpool Schools – LSIP and SCAPE Films

Andy Porter Construction, Web Films

When Liverpool City Council was faced with the prospect of losing its promised £350 million Building Schools for the Future programme it needed fresh thinking and an alternative approach. The result was a pragmatic solution that meant as much money as possible could be kept in the local economy, delivering a large scale building programme …

Veracity Time-lapse Showreel

Andy Porter Construction, Showreels, Time Lapse

  Just A Second Away Our time-lapse work may be filmed over hours, days, months or years. Whatever the duration we take care to ensure perfect results at every stage of the process – from recce to installation, camera checks, data downloads and that all-important post production stage when thousands of high quality stills are …

Farrans Construction-U-Tube-Installation-Timelapse film - time-lapse filming Liverpool and Manchester

Farrans – U Tube Installation Time-lapse

Andy Porter Construction, Time Lapse

  3 days condensed into 3 minutes as a 100 metre U-Tube is installed across the docks in Liverpool by Farrans Construction. Nothing captures a large scale engineering exercise quite like time-lapse. Our crew used one weather-proof camera, moving it to cover the two ends of the action.   View more of our time-lapse films …

Chester Grosvenor Park Storyhouse Theatre build time-lapse film - Chester time-lapse filming

Time-lapse Theatre Build

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Every summer Chester’s Grosvenor Park is the location for a unique open air auditorium. This year we used timelapse to film its construction over 3 weeks. The resulting amazing footage appeared on both BBC and ITV and has helped raise the profile of the UK’s finest open-air theatre experience outside London