Phantom HD Camera – Working with a time machine

Andy Porter Behind the Scenes


For around 20 years we’ve worked alongside the guys at Manchester’s Camera Crewing Company. We’ve been to all kinds of places with them and for the past 5 years or so we’ve taken the occasional voyage together with their Time Machine. The Time Machine is a Phantom HD camera that can shoot at a cool 2000 frames per second. What this means in real terms is it can slow very fast things down until they become very slow things. Like a rugby player making a dive pass, or water bouncing off a model’s skin in the shower… or a spear of broccoli tumbling into a tin of green paint (don’t ask).

The Phantom is an unbelievable piece of kit. It was used to get those amazing shots at Becher’s Brook during the Grand National and works superbly to capture sporting action, both on location and in the studio. It takes slow motion to a new level and the images are all saved as beautiful HD files that you can take away with you on a drive after the shoot. We like the camera so much we’ve even used it to shoot a commercial at near-normal speed, simply because the images look so damned good.

We’re filming again with the Time Machine next week – will post the results of our latest voyage as soon as they’re ready.


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