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Global industrial minerals client Imerys wanted three films to showcase its flagship brands at the world’s leading plastics trade fair, held every 3 years.
The stand had a strong environmental theme and our solution focused on the elements, to show how Imerys’ products help to make plastics lighter, tougher and more environmentally friendly.


Traditionally it has not been possible to successfully combine polyethylene and polypropylene for recycling but ImerPlast successfully achieves this, binding the polymers together. ImerPlast enables polymers that would otherwise not mix to be combined to provide a new, recycled source of raw material for the plastics industry. Our approach was to use a team of top skydivers to illustrate how this happens and the strength of the resulting bond.

The concept was tightly storyboarded and we commissioned a leading skydiving cinematographer in California to shoot the piece with three world-class skydivers.
The results, filmed on a Red Dragon camera in pin sharp ultra high-resolution 4K are visually striking and powerful


HAR 3G is Imerys’s response to an automotive market that increasingly demands lighter components so cars use less fuel and emit less CO2, but without sacrificing strength or dimensional stability. To depict this we filmed UK champion freestyle kite-surfer Jo Wilson at two contrasting locations off the Cumbrian coast. Agreeing the storyboard up front was critical, so Jo knew exactly the moves and tricks we needed her to achieve.

Thanks to the unpredictability of the Cumbrian climate and the need for favourable tidal conditions it was essential for everyone involved to be flexible so as soon as we had a good forecast a 6 person crew including 4 camera operators, stills photographer and director was assembled and on location with Jo within 24 hours. Jo was brilliant to work with and it was a tribute to her fitness and professionalism that she could spend hours in the water repeating tricks to enable us to get the best possible selection of shots for our edit.


ImerSorb is used mainly in vehicle manufacturing to “lock in” and reduce odours and VOCs from plastics. The theme of our film was all about fresh air. Following a successful recce we were made very welcome by One Planet Adventure at Llandegla. It is a brilliant location just half an hour from our office in Chester and we spent a busy, beautiful summer’s day there filming trail runner Gary House and his faithful running mate Sam, the golden labrador.

The location was notable for the variety it provided – from glorious wide shots of open moorland to hidden streams in the forest and even a lake. The restaurant for our crew breakfast and lunch was hard to beat too! Early on in the day we worked with a locally based drone crew to capture overhead perspective shots of the forest trails and unusual tracking shots alongside the lake shore. The rest of the day was spent with two cameras capturing a variety of locations to tell the story of the run, concluding with runner and dog back in their 4×4 vehicle.
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