Opening Shots

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“Into the Light”, our conference opener for contract interior solutions client Gradus puts a whole new meaning on the idea of punchy corporate communications.

Our creative concept used the analogy of a professional boxer to symbolise the way people across the business have, through the power of the collective, managed to navigate a tough series of circumstances and come through on top. The film was shot and edited over a few weeks and we recruited local title winning Super Bantamweight Paul Economides for the starring role.

The end sequence, filmed at dawn on the coldest day of the year, was especially demanding as we co-ordinated cast, crew and drone operators to capture the required top of the mountain imagery. Fortunately the hills of North Wales are on our doorstep and, with a favourable forecast, we were able to arrange the shoot with less than 24 hours notice.

At 6.30am with the thermometer saying -8 degrees C we were ready to go and by 10am we had all we needed, the shoot was complete and everyone could warm up again!

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