Our online films attract millions of Web views. Our own YouTube channels have over 3 million views and counting…


Online and Web Films

Online attention spans are short. So, you need to do keep your audience entertained, amused and informed. We have the experience to make it happen.

That’s why 700,000 people have watched one of our magazine “How to” films for one of the UK’s biggest retailers and the figures keep rising.

Or why one of our web commercials received half a million views in less than 3 months.

We make online films that attract attention and encourage engagement. Our own YouTube channels have over 3,000,000 views and counting. Not many content specialists can say that.

Online video brings your brand directly to your audience on their phones, in their homes or at work. It is direct, personal and always available.

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”The film that Veracity produced for my company is by far the most professional marketing tool we have. Every time I show the film in a pitch, the potential client is blown away by the quality and creativity that they see. I am so proud of what we achieved with Veracity and feel that the film they produced has taken my company to the next level”.

Jane Porter
Studio 104, London

”Very well done; professional, upbeat, smooth, and exciting. I love the application integration and clips of our customer processes and products. It is perfect!”

Brian Hanrahan
Vice President and General Manager, Imerys Talc and Mica North America




If you’d like to harness the power of video for your company, service or product we’d love to talk. Our work takes us all over the UK, and we have clients in mainland Europe, Ireland and the USA.

They choose us because we know exactly what it takes to bring brands to life on film. And we’ve been doing it for more than 20 years. Our production base is in the heart of beautiful Chester. Both Manchester and Liverpool are near neighbours.

We have a range of spectacular filming locations on our doorstep and London is just 2 hours’ train journey away. We’re passionate about where we are as well as what we do, and we love to share that passion. Of course, Covid-19 means we now have to be a little distant, but that’s not a problem either. Our projects for overseas clients are handled entirely remotely, they trust us to deliver for them and we take that trust seriously. Using technology efficiently to stay in touch is something we’re been doing for years. It makes sense environmentally too.