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We felt privileged to have the opportunity to make a series of interview-based films for the MS Trust, a charity that promotes research, free information and awareness of MS to everyone affected by it – including families and health professionals, as well as those with MS.

Over100,000 people in the UK have MS but the follow up to diagnosis and information provided can sometimes be patchy and inconsistent. The MS Trust is addressing this, with a series of publications aimed at newly diagnosed people, amongst them our 11 short films, all available on the MS Trust web site.

We shot in both London and Manchester and in Manchester were able to call on the services of our stylist Alexa Hartle, who worked wonders in helping to create a warm, personal and distinctive environment for each interview (all shot in one room). Interviews were conducted and directed by Andy Porter with old friends Stalwart Films providing the Manchester crew and Square Eye TV working for us in London.

It was brilliant to meet and interview 10 utterly engaging, positive people – all with a very personal and valuable perspective on their experience of MS. It was an enjoyable, collaborative and really worthwhile experience that we hope to have the opportunity to repeat on future MS Trust projects.


“Moving, honest, practical, diverse, inspirational…Working with you has given us a chance to really bring the whole Making Sense of MS project to life and the whole experience has been a pleasure from our perspective. These films will make a big difference to people with MS and we just couldn’t have achieved that without you.”

Amy Bowen
Director of Service Development
MS Trust




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