Specialised, meticulously planned motion control camera work ensures our clients’ products are depicted more beautifully than even they could imagine.

Motion control is another specialist area that we have many years of experience in. Multiple camera moves of a subject can be repeated with the subtlest of lighting changes or movements in between and then stitched seamlessly together to create beautifully precise sequences, otherwise literally impossible to achieve.

Watch some of our motion control films….

Mira Showers
Clearscale Technology Film

A short film for social media that explains how limescale grows in a shower. Our Art Department mixed the fake limescale which was then shot several times and edited into a seamless organic build up.

Mira Taps
Aspects Collection

Chrome taps are like mirrors, only in three dimensions and you want to show them with water. So, tough to light and film. The only solution is repeated motion control moves and a subtle edit.

Mira Showers
Agile and Adept Films

These films use beautiful lifestyle footage shot in super slow motion in the studio with smooth motion control shots to highlight controls and accessories.

‘Transform to Perform’

The second half of our corporate film for Imerys is a series of motion control camera moves over a lab bench that graphically frames the changing action.


If you’re planning to harness the power of video for your company, service or product we would love to talk. Of course we’re happy to travel – our work takes us all over the UK but we also have clients in mainland Europe and the USA.

They choose us because we know exactly what it takes to bring brands to life on film. And we’ve been doing it for more than 20 years.

You’re also very welcome to come to us. Our production base is in the heart of beautiful Chester – both Manchester and Liverpool are neighbours and London is just 2 hours by train. We’re passionate about where we are, as well as what we do, and we like to share that passion.