Motion Control shoot ignites Euroheat’s web presence

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The assignment: 5 days in rural Herefordshire to film the latest range of wood burning stoves and boilers for old friends Euroheat. The solution: We turned Euroheat’s showroom into a studio, with Stalwart’s versatile motion control rig to capture everything precisely, intelligently, beautifully. Over the week we filmed over 30 products, from compact wood burning stoves for your living room to industrial scale wood biomass boilers which can heat a secondary school, focusing on the features and design details that make them different.

Motion control means we’re able to create very precise, choreographed camera moves that can be replicated with different lighting set-ups, and with total control over focus and exposure. It’s a brilliant way to showcase a range. Setting up each master shot takes a while, but once the track and rig are in place there’s a surprising range of movement, so in a tight area with plenty of products you can cover a lot in the course of a day… or 5.

The sequences will form the basis of a series of web films commissioned by Euroheat. We know each other well, having first worked together more than a decade ago, and Euroheat know all about harnessing the power of moving pictures in bringing their products to life for both consumer and B2B audiences.

Once complete, our portfolio of short marketing films made specifically for the Web will number over 70 in the last year alone. Video for the Web is growing fast and increasingly companies are discovering that it pays to make the films they use to promote themselves online as slick and professional as possible, closely aligned with their brand values. After all, you only have a minute or two to make exactly the right, lasting impression.


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