Liverpool Schools Investment Programme
Faced with the withdrawal of PFI funding and the need to build new schools and refurbish old ones Liverpool Council decided to take the initiative and fund a schools building programme themselves. Only the schools had to be built both more efficiently and faster than could ever have happened with PFI, and at the same time the main contractors had to pledge to use at least 85% local labour, forge new alliances with Merseyside subcontractors and meet demanding apprenticeships targets. It was an innovative idea that Kier embraced as they set about the building programme, engaging with new small business partners as well as council leaders, head teachers and pupils.

Kier wanted three films to do different but related jobs. One focused on the main Liverpool Schools Investment Programme, telling its story for a wide business and government audience, another film looked at SCAPE, a successful smaller projects framework where Kier had again proved an excellent and diligent partner. The third film was a short case study of one school in particular – Holly Lodge Girls School, which was a shining example of how the involvement of staff and pupils helped mould the final, delivered project. For maximum cost effectiveness and efficiency all three films were made simultaneously with Veracity interviewing a wide range of people on location to tell each story in the words of the teams and individuals who knew it best. Veracity’s producer spoke to interviewees in advance to introduce the project and on the day an experienced crew working with Kier’s Communications Manager made sure that the filming went as smoothly and effectively as possible.

The three finished edits provide a comprehensive picture of Kier’s work in the education sector in Liverpool. They help to encapsulate not just the professionalism of Kier’s approach but also the people who make it all happen. They have been excellently received by Kier’s customers as well as internally and picked up by Kier’s national marketing team for repurposing in further edits.

‘Great piece of work and a great story to tell!’

John O’Callaghan, Managing Director, Kier

‘An exceptional video’

Aaron Lacey, National Framework Manager, Scape

‘It has been a pleasure to work with the team at Veracity. They have been extremely patient allowing us to be thoroughly involved throughout the editing process assuring the end product was exactly how we wanted it. I would not hesitate in recommending Andy and the team to anyone who wants a highly professional corporate video.’

Sarah Blackhurst, Business Communications, Kier

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