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Design Artisans Brand Film


We took a pencil sketch from our client Alan Kemp, Head of Brand Marketing at Graham and Brown and in the course of a few weeks turned it into a series of web films, focusing on the designers behind some of the best wallpaper and wall art designs around.


Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 11.47.18

Sketch by Alan Kemp


Shot on the Phantom HD Gold at Graham & Brown, edited in house by Michelangelo Girardi and graded in Baselight, we played with both time and colour to create a film which gives a real, immediate insight into each member of the team’s inspirations and styles. Each designer was filmed with a distinctive lighting set-up in the course of just one day, using different frame rates according to the demands of the shot to create a series of really beautiful images. A haunting soundtrack “Move me a Mountain” by Black Submarine completed the story.

Individual Designer Film – Krishna

The film was an immediate success, so much so that individual films on each designer followed immediately afterwards, narrated by the designers’ themselves.

“we could not have cast five more interesting, different and vibrant talents – it was a real pleasure to work with them and to get a glimpse of what inspires them to produce what is essentially original art for the home”

Andy Porter, Director


Take a look behind the scenes on the shoot:

Making of the Design Artisans Brand Film