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Our new client Mainstay specialises in employing heroes. They are the kind of heroes whose mission is to make life more comfortable for people in their homes.

They look after properties where people live, but not only that, they actually help to create communities that encourage the people who live in them to have a real sense of belonging. It’s about looking after all the little details and doing it with a smile.

When they asked if we could make a film to help them re-launch their brand online we in turn asked to meet the people, to get a proper feel for what drives them and why they love what they do.

So we recce’d a couple of apartment locations in Birmingham’s up and coming Jewellery Quarter, met some lovely, fascinating people and decided to build our story entirely around them, in their own words.

People Filming - Phantom Slow Motion - Mainstay 3 people

Because of the need to get the new Mainstay website up and running, the timescale was tight and we wanted to film people mostly outdoors just 3 weeks before Christmas, so weather was a factor too. Of course on the day, with a crew of 5 heading down the M6 it started to snow. When we arrived the skies were pewter coloured and it was snowing heavily.

A coffee and bacon sandwich stop later and we decided to set up for the first shot anyway. Concierge Saf, stood proudly and confidently smiling into camera with snowflakes swirling around, settling on his immaculately pressed suit jacket and even onto his eyelids. He looked great.

People Filming - Phantom Slow Motion

We had already decided that recording conversations with our stars off-camera was going to be the best option, so as the snow got really bad we retreated indoors to an empty apartment to record a series of natural, informative, lively conversations which formed the backdrop to the shots.

It was a day of surprises. By mid-morning, once the snow had stopped the clouds cleared and gave us beautiful blue Brum skies. The crew, all carefully selected as much for their people skills as their technical ability continued to capture great images of real people, the kind of people you would be happy to see every day and have looking after you and your home.

It was an uplifting, fascinating, funny day’s shoot (and not quite as cold as it could have been). The people made it, as they often do. More and more businesses are discovering what an asset their team can be on camera. You really can’t fake genuine enthusiasm, real care and attention to detail. If your people have got it, just let it shine through. Britain really has got talent. All that’s needed to reveal it is the right crew and the right location, just add the people and let them tell their own stories in their own way.

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