Euroheat 20th Anniversary – Event and Video Production

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What do you say when Euroheat, a client of some 14 years standing, ask you to put on a live event to celebrate their 20th Anniversary at a perfect, historic venue in the heart of the English countryside? “Yes, when do we start ??!!!”

Euroheat is one of the UK’s leading specialists in wood burning stoves and boilers, so Fire & Magic was the theme we created to brand the event and help make it as memorable as possible for the 250 guests, who traveled from across the UK and Western Europe to Herefordshire’s fairytale Eastnor Castle.

A cast of hand-picked fire eaters, jugglers, conjurers and costumed thespians entertained the guests, creating an experience in the best eccentric English tradition of Alice in Wonderland (or perhaps Harry Potter?) Channel 4’s Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud joined in the fun and for 6 hours he and the rest of the guests were transported to a parallel world where not everything was quite as it seemed.

Fireworks set off to specially edited music, two brilliant sets from supreme party band, Mad Hen and bespoke goody bags packed with the finest hot chilli chocolates from a local supplier completed an evening where every detail was covered, every effort made to create a genuinely magical experience. Even as the guests left they were treated to a dazzling “Fire Show” in the castle courtyard. Fire & Magic indeed.


“What a bash, beyond belief.  You must be very proud having created such a do!”

(Mike Barber-Starkey, Joint Managing Director, Euroheat)

“your attention to detail was simply astounding. From the juggler at the entrance gate to the flame throwers at the departure you slipped in so many interesting diversions”

(Paul Nunn, guest)

“I think I never ever get the chance again to celebrate and to stay the night in a marvellous ambiance as we did in this castle. I had the chance to speak to so many people and all of them, as we, were fascinated by your professional organisation of this event.”

(Stephan Fuchs. Guest)


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