A Day at the Savoy

Andy Porter Corporate, Phantom HD Gold


Innovative uniform designer Studio 104’s first hotel commission was to create the uniforms for the Savoy Hotel’s glamorous Beaufort Bar.

Having negotiated the country’s only listed lift with the usual collection of flight cases and lighting stands and arrived via the Queen Mother’s entrance (this was apparently one of HRH’s favourite London locations) we spent the day with business owner Jane Porter and team, two fashion models straight out of the Great Gatsby and one of the world’s leading bar tenders, creating a little piece of gold-plated decadent film magic on the Phantom HD High Speed camera.


The film that Veracity produced for my company is by far the most professional marketing tool we have. Every time I show the film in a pitch, the potential client is blown away by the quality and creativity that they see. I am so proud of what we achieved with Veracity and feel that the film they produced has taken my company to the next level.

Jane Porter, Studio 104


Wow, what a most beautiful video production; you are to be congratulated on representing Studio 104 & indeed The Savoy in a most elegant & inspiring way.

Kieran W MacDonald, Managing Director, The Savoy


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