Since Lockdown we’ve all had to adapt to a new way of working. Fortunately, Veracity’s business model was already based on pulling together teams of expert collaborators in a virtual studio environment.

For instance, our regular 3D animator, who lives on the South coast, has worked closely with us for over 10 years. We’ve met twice in that time. Our illustrators, motion graphics designers, editors, composers, sound designers and voice over artists all have their own studio facilities, so they can continue to provide high quality input efficiently, but remotely. Our own edit suites were dismantled and reassembled in two home office locations as soon as Lockdown was announced, with identical sets of archive drives, so when clients need us to react quickly with a re-edit of existing work or a new project, we can sort it.


Web software tools like MS Teams enable edits to be reviewed and directed from anywhere. Client meetings can be held on Teams, Zoom or Google Hangout. File sharing through Vimeo, WeTransfer or DropBox enables our clients to review work wherever works best for them – it’s simple and it makes even more sense now than before.

It’s also an approach that means the flow of video communications which brands increasingly find essential can continue smoothly and without interruption.


We only work with highly experienced crews and Covid-19 compliant studio facilities. People who are sensitive to the requirements of social distancing and determined to make sure that the filming environment is as safe as it can be. The days of having lots of people on a studio shoot are, for now at least, gone. There is simply no need when you have a production company with an approved plan and the skills to make it happen.


We are used to working independently, giving clients detailed storyboards and scripts for approval so they can trust us to get on with the job, working as efficiently as possible, with minimised crews. If you are filming a new product for instance in a large enough studio, social distancing is relatively straightforward, as long as you manage the process. Our call sheets and Covid-19 Risk Assessments help ensure everyone’s safety and the crew can be kept to the bare minimum.


Of course, filming outdoors is always an option and we have continued to operate on location throughout the pandemic, again using small crews (1 or 2-person usually) and ensuring safety when filming subjects by keeping our distance, with sound recordists talking interviewees  through putting their own microphones on, and camera operators and directors staying outside the 2m social distancing zone, in well ventilated spaces.

Our drone pilot has remained busier than ever in recent months. Drone work by its nature is inevitably an isolated activity. We take off from quiet locations and follow the CAA rules to the letter. We have been doing this for 7 years, it’s not new to us.


With the right levels of pre-production planning, cooperation and professionalism, and most importantly the right people in place, Covid 19 compliant production is not only possible, in some respects it actually means greater efficiency and minimal disruption. We are very happy to be your partners in continuing to deliver important messages to customers, employees and other stakeholders on video in the post-Covid19 world.