Snapshots of construction life to help reach out to local communities.

Film is a very immediate medium. We can be on site with the crew for one day and in the edit suite the next morning to deliver a video that tells a story quickly, compellingly and in a thoroughly lively and personal way.


It’s brilliant for social media and online PR – Google loves video just as much as everyone else does and uses it to raise a web site’s rankings and make it easier to find for more visitors. Our clients sometimes tweet sample imagery from the location and share it with media contacts through social media channels, or we can do this for them. However it gets out there, video is a brilliant way to create a buzz.

And of course one main documentary story can be split down into lots of different mini-stories for different online films. By varying the line of questioning in an interview we can produce content for internal communications or recruitment at the same time as we are generating core marketing material. It’s an approach we used successfully for Balfour Beatty Capital, with Marketing and HR going hand in hand.

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Peel Ports Liverpool2 timelapse

Peel Ports
Liverpool 2 Timelapse Film

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Kier LSIP and Scape Films

LSIP and SCAPE Films

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Chester Re:NEW - One City Plan

Chester Re:NEW
One City Plan Film

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Chester Performs
Outdoor Theatre Construction Timelapse

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U Tube Installation Timelapse

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Peel Ports Liverpool2 - A New Day Dawning

Peel Ports
A New Day Dawning

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