Enter the Dragons

Recreating the tension and unique atmosphere of TV’s Dragon’s Den for regular client Circle Housing was a challenge we enjoyed meeting head on.

Circle Housing Dragons Den Tilte Sequence

A broadcast style crew with 5 full HD cameras, 8 sound feeds, 2 directors and separate roving crews were assigned for the single day’s shoot, while 6 teams pitched their innovative ideas to improve the business to the hand picked, only occasionally fire-breathing “Dragons”. A portable green screen studio enabled us to create a dramatic opening sequence and stings, using original, heavily treated footage in multi-layered virtual sets all composited in our own motion graphics/edit suite and cut to a suitably dramatic music score. Presentation teams varied from 1 to 8 people and there was no opportunity for rehearsals – so getting the best quality of sound and a wide selection of shots to choose from was essential.

The crew on set

Lighting was rigged the night before in the original North London warehouse location used in series 1 of the TV series. Our streamlined crew of 9 had a 6am get-in to complete the essential rigging and cabling and the full-on but enjoyable day’s filming began at 8.30am and finished at 6pm. The result is around 30 minutes of compelling TV, cut down from 20+ hours of rushes.