Shooting People

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Our new client Mainstay specialises in employing heroes. They are the kind of heroes whose mission is to make life more comfortable for people in their homes.

They look after properties where people live, but not only that, they actually help to create communities that encourage the people who live in them to have a real sense of belonging. It’s about looking after all the little details and doing it with a smile.

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Peel-Ports - Liverpool 2 construction time-lapse filming liverpool

How to film a construction project

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By its nature construction demands a very particular approach to film making. Capturing a project successfully over 6 months, a year or even 3 or 4 years is in our experience a highly collaborative exercise.

We have worked on a number of major construction film projects over the last 4 years and our history with the industry goes back a decade or so. In that time we’ve learned what it takes to make construction films that are engaging, inspiring and creative, so here are our top 5 hints and tips for commissioners….

Motion Control Video Production - Manchester and Chester

Motion Control – What is Motion Control Filming?

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We’ve been working with motion control camera systems for over twenty years and our motion control crew are especially brilliant at creating shots to showcase products that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. Clients love the fact that they are seeing their own real products beautifully presented on film, without depending on CGI…..

Drone Filming – Time to Get Higher

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We’ve discovered the possibilities of UAV (drone) filming on projects for our clients Peel Ports Liverpool and Chester Re:NEW. Up in the air, as with everything we do, we are aiming to produce footage that engages, informs and has high viewer impact. Here are 10 things we’ve learned from our aerial experiences: Watch some of ...

Measuring Up

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  Go on, admit it – when you’re weighing up new curtains or blinds the words “made-to-measure” instill just a little bit of DIY-induced fear. You’re not alone. That’s why curtain and blind experts Ena Shaw who supply some of the UK’s leading retailers commissioned us to make four short “How-To” films for the Next …

Co-op Web Magazine

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  FOOD, BEAUTY AND MOTORING IN STYLE Our web films for the Co-operative have been a big hit, with over 95,000 views on YouTube for one film alone. We made 14 films in total, all perfect miniatures for a consumer web audience with useful tips on everything from applying fake tan to buying a used …