A Fully Socially Distanced Production

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Our Belgium-based client Sibelco’s strapline is “Material Solutions Advancing Life”. Their products are everywhere – from being the basis of glass bottles in the circular economy to solar panels and lightweight, high strength wind turbines. Construction, Electronics, Chemicals, Water Treatment and Agriculture are all industries and activities where Sibelco has a powerful and positive impact all over the world.

As a production company that operates on sustainable principles, we were delighted when they asked us to make their Sustainability Report film. It was only two months ago, but a lot has happened in the world since then. Fortunately we can adapt. Our high-end edit suite now resides at the home of Production Manager and editor Sarah in rural North Wales. Our Motion Graphics Designer, based outside Chester, produces complex multi-layered broadcast TV titles sequences and 3D animations from his home office. Our voice-over artists are drawn from an international talent pool; all of them now have home studios for recording, post producing and remote delivery. Our scripts can be written by scriptwriter/Director Andy from anywhere – currently his garden shed is the preferred location.

For this project our client was in Antwerp and Veracity’s creative collective operated entirely remotely, with zero travel required and minimal environmental impact.

It is a powerful metaphor for the way life can be, post-Covid 19. We all need to take the opportunity to think seriously about what we do, how we do it and why it is essential to consider every aspect of a production and weigh up how necessary it is to be physically present. With the right team, video conferencing tools, file sharing sites and flexible thinking we can continue to collaborate creatively and productively and at the same time massively lessen our impact on the planet.

“Many thanks for the work you’ve put into this. We’re delighted with the result”

Tim Weekes, VP Group Communications, Sibelco

“Thank you for your help, short follow up, actions, follow up and final result”

Ibn Delaet, Communications/PR Co-Ordinator Sibelco

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